The Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering was established in 1948, by the Presidential Decree no. 161 of 22 July 1948 of the Presidium of the Grand National Assembly, based on the decision no. 1 111 of 1948 of the Council of Ministers.

Nowadays, the faculty offers university studies on bachelor, master and PhD levels.   

The BACHELOR fields and programmes of study are:

Chemical Engineering, with the programmes:

  • Engineering of Inorganic Substances and Environmental Protection
  • Chemistry and Engineering of Organic Compounds, Petrochemistry and Carbochemistry      

Environmental Engineering, with the programme:

  • Environmental Engineering and Protection in Industry

Food Engineering, with the programme:

  • Control and Expertise of Food Products

The MASTER programmes of study are:

  • Control and Approval of Food Products, in the field of Chemical Engineering     
  • Engineering of Inorganic Compounds and Environmental Protection, in the field of Chemical Engineering     
  • Fine Organic Synthesis, Semisynthesis and Natural Products, in the field of Chemical Engineering     
  • Environmental Engineering and Management in Industry, in the field of Environmental Engineering
  • Printing Techniques, in the field of Applied Engineering Sciences

As concern the PhD studies, in the faculty there are 26 supervisors that coordinate doctoral activities in the fields of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

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